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Women are prone to many forms of pain and discomfort throughout their life. Often menstruation is accompanied by cramping and back pain, and many women suffer discomfort around ovulation. Trying to fall pregnant can be a highly stressful and worrying experience.  Some women can suffer from issues such as endometriosis, PCOS and irregular periods causing regular pain, headaches, bloating and stress.  During pregnancy often nausea, back pain and pelvic pain can be experienced. Then when menopause starts, hot flushing and other symptoms can develop such as insomnia.

Chinese Medicine has its own diagnostic system to determine the cause and pathology behind these complaints. Learn about the Chinese Medicine theory behind Women’s Health, alongside the western medical view.  If you would like to discuss anything further, feel free to call the clinic on 9796 2388.



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Period Pain

Many women can suffer debilitating period pain called Dysmenorrhea and often headaches, loose stools or back pain leading up to their period. The inflammation caused by heavy bleeding can leave many women bed ridden. Other women can have highly irregular periods or no period at all (Amenorrhea).

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PCOS is a common cause of irregular periods and infertility. It can be triggered by stress, illness or unresolved health issues during puberty. Excess follicles develop over the ovaries causing an imbalance of hormones. This can cause irregular periods, weight gain and abnormal hair growth.

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When Endometrial cells begin growing outside of the uterus, it can result in inflammation, heavy bleeding and pain. This is because the incorrect cells are growing in the wrong area of the reproductive system. This pain can be experienced around ovulation as well as menstruation.

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Infertility and IVF Support

Infertility can come about from many different causes. Sometimes a clear reason can be found, and other times it is classed as idiopathic. Often assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF need to be used to help couples fall pregnant.

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Menopause and Peri-Menopause

For some women menopause isn’t a pleasant experience. The natural decline in hormones can cause a wide array of symptoms. Night sweats, hot flushes, insomnia and migraines are some of the most common complaints.