Pain Relief

Helping reduce pain and improve quality of life

I run a Berwick based pain relief clinic, Acupuncture benefits tight muscles by helping relieve muscular tension and knots to help provide pain relief.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong and we need to stop. It is often a symptom of a greater problem such as a muscular injury or a vascular problem.  Often chronic pain can develop slowly from problems such as poor posture or sitting too much at work. Other times it can develop from an acute injury that never fully heals and you are left with chronic pain.

Chinese Medicine has its own diagnostic system to determine the cause and pathology behind these complaints. Learn about the Chinese Medicine theory behind different types of pain and injuries, alongside the western medical view. If you would like to discuss anything further, feel free to call the clinic on 9796 2388.

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woman holding her head in pain

Whether its sharp and shooting, or throbbing and compressing, headaches and migraines can really ruin your day. The pain though shouldn’t be ignored, as its a sign of vascular inflammation.

woman rubbing her sore neck
Neck and Upper Trap Pain

Upper back stiffness causing pain through the shoulder blades and into the neck. Needling helps dissolve muscular knots, improving range of movement and alleviating pain.

tempromandibular joint pain, person holding jaw in pain
Jaw Pain (TMJ)

Temperomandibular Joint and Myofascial Pain Syndrome are 2 common causes of jaw pain. Often with unknown origins, people can suffer from jaw clenching, teeth grinding and headaches. This is often a long term stress response caused by our hectic lifestyles.

main in shirt and pants clutching his lower back in pain
Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be caused by bulging discs and tight lower back muscles from sitting too much or a work place injury. Often the pain is described as a constant ache or throb.

diagram of the sciatica nerve
Sciatica Nerve

Often caused by tight muscles through the back and hips or spinal issues leading to nerve impingement. Pressure put on the Sciatic nerve in the lower back and hips can cause nerve pain and numbness down the legs.

man holding painful shoulder
Frozen Shoulder

Often caused by exposure to cold and injury. Inflammation and swelling causes the shoulder joint to “freeze up”. This is called ‘adhesive capsulitis’, whereby the synovial fluid within the shoulder cavity hardens. Inflammation to rotator cuff muscles is also a common cause.

pain in pain holding sore elbow
Golfer's and Tennis Elbow

Not always a sporting injury, I often see it caused by improper lifting and over use of the arm in manual labour professions. Inflamed ligaments within the elbow joint cause pain and loss of strength in the arm and hand.

diagram of damage to medain nerve
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

A Common Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Inflammation puts pressure on the median nerve sending shooting pains and numbness into the first 3 fingers. Often over use of the forearm muscle from repeated heavy lifting and typing can be common causes for this type of pain.

man running holding knee in pain
Knee Pain

Baker’s Cysts, arthritis of the knee and swelling under the knee cap. Damage to meniscus and ligaments due to injury. These can all cause knee pain and diminish your ability to be active. Osteoarthritis of the knee is quite common in the elderly.

person grabbing heel in pain
Plantar Fasciitis | Heel Pain

inflamed Achilles tendons, Plantar Fasciitis or heel spurs. Quite common in menopausal women and can occur spontaneously or due to injury. Often tight calf and leg muscles pull at their insertion under the heel leading to inflamed fascia and pain.

man holding sprained ankle
Muscle Tension and soft tissue injuries

General muscle tightness and muscle tension can cause localised pain or nerve referral pain. I see common injuries such as muscle strains, tendonitis and sprained ankle ligaments regularly. These can occur from playing sports or even just whilst working in an office. Acupuncture benefits muscle tightness and tension by helping the muscle release and return to a relaxed state. Many other professions try to replicate this through dry needling (which is an unregulated form of Acupuncture).

middle aged woman with sore hands from arthritis
Osteo Arthritis (OA and RA)

Osteoarthritis is a very common cause of joint pain. Caused by wear and tear to the joints from age or overuse such as manual labour or playing lots of sports. Pain is often felt in the knees, hips and shoulders, due to inflammation generated by the loss of padding in the joint capsule. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto immune condition that causes painful and swollen joints.