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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Berwick

Helping ease the pain and discomfort of bloating and other digestive symptoms. Assisting residents with Irritable Bowel Syndrome associated symptoms in Berwick and surrounding areas. Such symptoms can include bloated stomach cramps, constipation, diarrhoea and a lack of energy.

Gut Health Berwick

Another common symptom is stress, which can also affect your digestive system.  Stress can cause a range of symptoms to present such as pain, trouble sleeping, abdominal discomfort and a loss of appetite.

Pain can come about from many different causes; stress can lead to chronic neck and shoulder pain, which can develop into headaches.  Excessive walking on hard surfaces is a common cause of plantar heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis).

Many of us are stuck working at a desk all day: this can cause pain through the hips and gluteal muscles which can lead to a tight lower back and even sciatica pains.  Tennis elbow pain is commonly seen in my clinic from people doing manual labour.  As we age our knees often develop osteoarthritis which can affect our ability to walk and be active.

These different forms of pain fall into 2 categories in Chinese Medicine, we class them as either “painful bi-syndome” or “Qi and Blood stagnations” depending on where and the type of pain you are experiencing.

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Hay Fever Relief Berwick

Symptoms such as itchy eyes and nose, nasal congestion and a feeling of a blocked head are all symptoms of sinusitis, which Acupuncture may be able to assist you with.

Recent research has shown Acupuncture can be beneficial¹ to the symptoms associated with Sinusitis and Allergic Rhinitis, I have experience treating the symptoms associated with both seasonal and perennial allergies.

Sinus Relief Berwick

The associated pain of sinusitis can include symptoms such as frontal headaches, a feeling of congestion and post nasal drip leading to a sore throat or cough.  Acupuncture can help with pain management of these associated symptoms.

Learn about other areas of health:

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Stress can often lead to people feeling anxious and worried. common symptoms can include loss of sleep, fatigue, bloating and nausea. These all point to your emotions taking a toll and bringing about physiological symptoms. This can greatly affect many peoples quality of life. Learn about how in Chinese Medicine our emotions can cause pathologies to develop.

Women can experience pain at different points in their menstrual cycle, often caused by underlying issues such and endometriosis, PCOS or chronic stress. Undergoing IVF is also very stressful and can reduce women's quality of life. As a woman ages she becomes deficient in Yin and Blood - this natural decline is what can cause menopausal symptoms like hot flushes and insomnia. Learn about the Chinese Medicine view of women's health.

Men are not immune to health issues. Stress can affect men's health just like everyone else, leading to poor lifestyle habits that can affect other areas of their health. As men age, pain associated with an enlarged prostate, along with a decline in energy are also common issues. These occur in Chinese Medicine as a man's Qi declines as he ages, which can bring about many different symptoms.

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Acupuncture and IVF Research – Future Directions

There has been research published in the last year showing Acupuncture during IVF doesn’t improve birth rates. These studies have only included 2-3 sessions during an IVF cycle, which any Acupuncturist will tell you isn’t enough. A paper published last year calls for longer term studies and better comparative models used for Acupuncture research. Despite […]

November – The Worst month for Hay Fever in Melbourne 2018

For the second year running I’ve seen November to be the worst month for hay fever sufferers.  Whilst September used to mark the start of hay fever season in Melbourne, more people are enquiring about Acupuncture for Hay Fever in November the past 2 years. It is hard to know what is causing the shift, […]

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An Experienced Acupuncturist Berwick Residents Can Trust

With particular interests in Pain and Stress Relief, Allergies and Digestive Health

About Dr. Steven Orloff

Dr Orloff has been traditionally trained in his Acupuncture technique by his teacher of over 20yrs. Having separate degrees in Chinese medicine as well as in Anatomy and Physiology, plus over 20 years experience as a Master in Kung Fu, he uses the combination of these 3 experiences in his clinic to assist patients with their health complaints, and draws on his knowledge in each field to best guide his treatment approach. He has been in professional practice since 2007, he is an AHPRA/CMRBA Registered Acupuncturist and a member of AACMA.

Dr Orloff has a particular interest in assisting patients with digestive complaints, as he feels this is an often overlooked but very important area. In Chinese Medicine theory your digestion is your centre and it is crucial to your overall health.  Linking with this he also focuses on pain relief and stress management.

Please feel free to browse his site and discover how the wonderful medicine of Acupuncture can enrich your life. Don’t hesitate, take control of your health and let’s work together to help you reach your highest quality of life.

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Research into Acupuncture

Scientific Investigations

The ability of Acupuncture to just ease pain truly undersells what this natural medicine is capable of. It is capable of assisting with many different symptoms and common problems we all suffer from, such as stress, bloating, nausea, seasonal allergies and more.  Though Acupuncture has been around for over 2000 years, scientific research into its efficiency has only been undertaken in recent times.  More and more research is being published each year showing how effective Chinese medicine is at treating a host of ailments.  On the following page is the Acupuncture Evidence Report, which can assist you with seeing what studies and conditions have strong or weak supporting evidence.

Please see the list of scientific studies in the Acupuncture Evidence Report to learn more.

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