Many Acupuncture clients I see come in with a wide array of Digestive and IBS like symptoms, yet they’ve had blood tests, gastroscopies and colonoscopies and everything is ‘normal’. At least according to the western medical exams. Which proves they can’t detect everything, but this doesn’t mean something isn’t wrong!

These illness are what I call a purely “energetic” illness. Meaning it is easily detected by Chinese Medicine, but not severe enough yet to be found in Western Medical tests.

This is the strength of Acupuncture’s diagnostic framework, and why it has stood the test of time for 1,500 years.  By comparison -despite how fast it advances- Western Medicine is still quite young, and like a teenager can be a bit arrogant and not always right.

For example, Celiac’s disease is an extreme form of digestive weakness, which in its very early stages only shows as bloating or diarrhoea. The tests are often inconclusive in western medicine, until it advances to such at state that the body can’t come back from. Your body has developed certain antibodies which not only show up on blood tests, but prevent you from eating gluten every again.

This type of condition can sadly only be managed, and not reversed. If it was treated at a very early stage, there may have been a chance to delay its onset by many years or possibly halt its progress entirely.

Similarly with other Digestive and general illnesses that don’t show up on any medical tests- the body is clearly out of balance and unwell, but it isn’t so severe that permanent cellular changes have occurred. This indicates there is hope that a lot of the illness can be reversed and corrected, as it hasn’t become set in stone.  Like with any condition, the sooner you begin treatment, the better the outcome can be. Listen to your body, feel what its trying to tell you, don’t rely solely on blood tests or scans.

So if you receive ‘normal’ test results, but feel something is still wrong, then something probably is.  You should come in for some Acupuncture, as it can often piece together the puzzle the scans and tests couldn’t.

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Wishing you good health,

Dr. Steven Orloff