Despite Acupuncture being thousands of years old, people still question whether it actually works, or if Acupuncture points even exist. This is largely brought about by western medicine not believing anything it can’t prove in a test tube environment.

Recently though, CT scans were performed using a special Contrast style of scanning, which demonstrated differences in the tissue at Acupuncture points.  they found the thickness and density of blood vessels in Acupuncture points to be different than in areas where there wasn’t an acupoint.

Another study measured the oxygen levels in the tissue, and found the oxygen pressure to be higher at acupuncture points. You can see the concentration changes in the image below. These points haven’t been needled either, they are in a ‘resting state’.

Oxygen density scan of acupuncture points on the wrist

Though they don’t understand the true meanings of these findings, is still provides evidence that Acupuncture points do exist.  Clearly our body’s have evolved these structures to enable us to better help heal and rebalance the systems.  Amazing that a natural medicine which is so old, is still baffling modern science.  Proof that maybe they knew something thousands of years ago that we seem to have lost…

The full article can be read on HealthCMI

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