Traditionally when we were sick mum would always make us chicken soup. Its an age old folk remedy when ill.  This is because it is full of nutrients and easy to absorb when our body is weak when fighting a pathogen.  However our body can also be weak from chronic illness, which too can cause people to have difficulties absorbing nutrients from their food.  While chicken soup is fabulous, it isn’t quite enough to live off.  A great alternative is rice porridge, or Congee (also called Jook).  This dish is made of rice which has been cooked to the point of disintegration so it becomes a porridge.  It keeps all the nutritional benefits of the rice, but as it is so soft, it is very easy on the digestion and thus readily absorbed (perfect when your sick).  Traditionally in China, the strained juice was given to babies who’s mothers weren’t able to breastfeed, its that nutritious! As it is just plain rice, anything can be added to it, from soy sauce to fish to chicken or pork.  Once cooled it can be frozen for months and thawed when needed.  Only a 1/4 cup of rice is needed to make several bowls.