Our sedentary lifestyle is our biggest epidemic in modern society.  We are becoming the most overweight country in the world, scarily passing America. Though most of our jobs these days involve computers, it is important that it doesn’t consume our lifestyle. Even if you have a desk job, that doesn’t mean you can’t take regular breaks and get the blood moving. The following info-graphic compiled over in America, shows the damage done to our bodies by having poor posture and sitting all day at work.

This falls in line quite well with Chinese Medicine theory. Disease is caused by stagnation, when everything is flowing smoothly you are in good health and pathogens cannot enter.  By not moving we encourage stagnations to form.  Poor posture reduces how well the Qi and blood can flow through the meridians, further increasing the chances of blockages forming.  This will result in joint and muscular pain, or internal illness.

Hence the best advice is always a bit of regular exercise, stretching and a good balanced diet!

damage done to your health by sitting to much