Here are links to the latest research being performed on Chinese Medicine:

Preliminary proof of how Acupuncture works in a Western Medical Model

They are now able to measure the De Qi sensation patients feel when an Acupuncture Point is needled. The research shows how stimulating acupunctures activates different parts of the brain and nervous system. The full article can be read on Health CMI

Acupuncture and herbs best drugs for period pain and cramps

Research has shown that Acupuncture Combined with Moxibustion and herbs bests Ibuprofen for reducing menstrual pain and cramping. The benefits too mean less damage to the stomach lining being an all natural solution. The full article is available on Health CMI

Acupuncture’s Inflammation and Pain Relieving abilities Revealed

Chinese Medicine’s ability to reduce pain is well known, hence why many unregulated professions have tried to copy it by inventing Dry needling. Properly performed Acupuncture though can’t be beat, as shown in the study whereby the pathway in which True Acupuncture reduces pain and inflammation is documented. The full article can be read on Health CMI 

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