Most people don’t realise that as the season’s change so should our diet.  Because we live in a world where food can be flown and sold all over the planet, many don’t realise when food is out of season for their locale.  Ideally with fruit you should only eat what is in season for a given time of year.  Why you may ask? Most summer fruits such as watermelon are cooling in nature, you eat them in summer when you want relief from the heat.  Therefore why would you eat cooling foods when the weather is already cold?

Though it may sound rather non-scientific its really quite logical.  During summer your body is working against the environment to stay cool, therefore you should eat cooling foods and avoid hot spicy meals.  If you eat a nice spicy meal on a hot day, your effectively making your body work harder to try and maintain homeostasis.  Similarly in winter, warm simple to digest meals and citrus fruits should be eaten to help keep the body warm and working at its peak.  In the colder months avoid cold raw salads, ice drinks, ice cream and tropical fruits.

Think about it this way, you dress in accordance to the weather, even our sleeping patterns want to change, so should our diet.  No drastic changes need be made, but just little adjustments like drinking warm tea instead of ice water can make all the difference.  If we make it easier for our body to process food, it can use that spare energy for other purposes such as fighting off those terrible winter colds and flu.