There seems to be a lot of research saying Acupuncture is ineffective or only works for certain conditions.  In my own clinic I have had plenty of success with conditions that many medical trials say have no effect, and I know many other practitioners that have also.  The problem with these studies that say Acupuncture doesn’t work, is that they don’t take into account the individual.  In trials variables need to be kept to a minimum, so patients are put into groups so they receive the same treatments, which is fair enough. But Chinese Medicine was designed for the individual, so if you have 20 patients with Migraines, you will have 20 different diagnoses and 20 different treatment plans. This isn’t allowed in clinical trials so of course the results are poor.  Also Chinese Medicine works on the root of the problem, not the symptoms like Western Medicine does, so results can take a bit longer to appear.  No two people will respond the same, one may show improvement in 2 treatments, another may need 6, again these trials can’t account for any of that.  This though is not a flaw in Chinese Medicine but in Western Medicine’s methodology. It’s like trying to put a square block in a round hole and blaming the square for being a square.

Please note I am not bagging Western Medicine, but people need to understand the fundamental differences between the medicines which explains why you can’t use the framework of one to justify the other.