food labeling can be misleadingMany people get sucked in by what’s written on food packaging as we are told it is good for us. The truth is though, there is nothing better for our health than fresh fruits and vegetables. Food that is packaged and processed is not as nutritious, despite their claims. Though only a handful have been tested, I’m sure many would fall into the debunked category. Recently the cancer council reviewed several packaged foods, and found their health claims to be quite lacking. Unfortunately like most big companies, they will lie to get your business until they get caught.

It is important for people to work on setting up their lifestyle so they can eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and not have to use prepackaged food. We do this is as we are time poor, but our health will pay the price in the long run. Is that a cost you are willing to pay?

The article printed in The Age can be read here.